Materials for Energy Saving and Sustainability

Sustainable building materials minimizes the consumption of earth’s resources and facilitate in maintaining the system balance and reciprocally proves to be economical, not simply throughout construction but every year. Utilizing sustainable building materials promotes conservation of dwindling non-renewable resources internationally.  Mixing sustainable and energy economical building materials into building projects will facilitate the scale back of environmental impacts related to the extraction, transportation, processing, fabrication, installation, reuse, recycling, and disposal of those building industry raw materials. Topics embody improving building operations to realize energy potency, dweller comfort, and safety by clearing technical hurdles that impede widespread use of intelligent building systems and Supporting design and cost-competitive production of sustainable materials utilized in producing and construction, together with cementitious, polymeric, and composite materials.

  • Materials for geothermal energy and wind power
  • Materials for nuclear energy
  • Materials for hydro power and tidal power
  • Materials for mechanical, electrical and electrochemical storage

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